How Do Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs Interact With Each Other?

If you can keep different species of dogs in one house, can you do the same with rodents? I once had a basset hound and a Goldendoodle, and they got along pretty well. Both are sweet breeds, which helped significantly. But most importantly, they’re both compatible with each other.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about guinea pigs and chinchillas. Although they’re both rodents and strikingly similar, they don’t get along together. If you’re asking how they interact with each other, they fight, fight, and keep fighting!

If you want to find out more about the issue, keep reading.

How Do Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs Interact With Each Other?

Chinchillas and guinea pigs have different body languages, so they misinterpret each other. At the least daily interaction, they’ll start fighting to no end. Generally, both species can get into conflicts easier than ever because of their different personalities.

They’re not compatible with each other, so don’t expect them to live peacefully in one house. That being said, you may get lucky. Some owners reported that their guinea pigs and chinchillas went well together. That mostly happens when both animals are relaxed and gentle, which obviously doesn’t happen a lot.

Generally, there are a lot of reasons why chinchillas and guinea pigs can’t survive in the same house.

Can Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Can Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs Live Together

No, chinchillas and guinea pigs can’t live together, and for good reasons. The fact that they’re both rodents doesn’t mean they can get along. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t let them live together.

Different Dietary Needs

Even though both animals belong to the rodent family, they have different dietary needs. Chinchillas mainly feed on hay and other rough-textured food. This is because they need a lot of fibers to survive, and they must eat a lot of hay to keep their teeth from overgrowing and causing infections.

On the other hand, guinea pigs feed on pellets, hay, and leafy vegetables. Chinchillas can’t handle green vegetables because they aren’t a part of their diet, and their digestive systems aren’t used to it.

If you keep both animals in one cage, they’ll most likely eat each other’s food, and the result of chinchillas eating leafy veggies can be upsetting.

Fight Instinct

All animals have the instinct to fight with no exception. Even little kittens are ready to fight when they feel threatened. Both guinea pigs and chinchillas can get territorial over their cages, and a fight may break out.

If you keep them in the same cage, the results will be disastrous. They’ll both wait for the nearest chance to fight and injure each other.

Social Reasons

The fact that some animals are social by nature doesn’t mean they’ll get along with other species. For example, chinchillas may be social and friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get along with guinea pigs.

They’re primarily friendly with their kind; don’t expect to see the same energy with other animals. The same goes for guinea pigs.

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What If You Already Own a Guinea Pig and a Chinchilla?

What If You Already Own a Guinea Pig and a Chinchilla

If you already own a guinea pig and a chinchilla, I bet you’re freaking out now. Well, not to keep you worried, there are some things you can do to protect both pets. What’s important is to care for each one separately.

For one, letting your guinea pig and chinchilla share the same cage is a no-no. They’ll start fighting the minute you close the door, and even if they don’t, they’ll do it later. On top of that, they’ll eat each other’s food, which may cause digestive issues for chinchillas.

If you plan to keep them both in one house, you should at least have two separate cages. And for more safety, it’s better to keep the cages away from each other. If they’re in the same room or too close to each other, the animals may get agitated.

Aside from the cages issue, you should give each animal its own food. They both have different dietary needs, but some people opt for the easy way and give them the same food. Needless to say, that’s not a very good idea.

Lastly, if you get your pets out of their cages daily for exercising or walking around, create a schedule so that both animals don’t meet outside the confines of their cages. Even if the room is large, they might try to irritate each other.

How Do Chinchillas Deal With Other Animals?

Generally, you shouldn’t raise chinchillas with other critters, including guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. They have their own dietary needs, and although they’re friendly, they don’t get along with other animals.

They’re only friends with their own kind, so raising them with other animals isn’t a good idea, neither for them nor for the animals.

How Do Guinea Pigs Deal With Other Animals?

Guinea pigs aren’t very different from chinchillas in this regard. They, too, don’t like to live with other animals. This includes rabbits, chinchillas, and gerbils.

For starters, some animals have parasites that are lethal for other species, so they shouldn’t live together.

Secondly, guinea pigs don’t like to share. So if you put them with other animals, they’re prone to fighting over food, and the food may not be suitable for the other animal.

For example, guinea pigs and chinchillas both eat pellets. However, they eat different kinds because each animal has different dietary needs. You don’t want either of them to have digestive issues, so it’s better to keep them separated.

Generally, guinea pigs are better off on their own.

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To Wrap Up

To wrap the topic up, guinea pigs and chinchillas don’t interact well with each other. They’ll eat each other’s food, and fights will likely break out. If you’re still thinking of adopting them both, it’s better to rethink your decision.

You can raise each one of them separately or go for a different animal altogether. However, raising them together is the wrong answer.

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