Chinchilla Cages Accessories

5 Best Chinchilla Cages Accessories(Buying Guide)

Adding accessories to your chinchilla cage is a smart thing to do. Chinchillas like to play around in their cages. They also feel a need to be high above the ground while eating and sleeping. So, the accessories provide that for the chinchilla.

Although most chinchilla cages have some platforms, these are pretty basic, and there’s not much the pet can do. With chinchilla cage accessories you can customize the setting and provide a better experience for your pet. Especially, if you are making a DIY chinchilla cage.

Here is a list of the 5 best chinchilla cage accessories. Improve your chinchilla’s cage with each of these accessories.

Best Chinchilla Cage Accessories Comparison Table

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Best Overall

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • 15″ Wheel
  • Metal & Wood Construction
  • Open Design
  • Quiet
  • Dual Ball Bearings

Chinchillas need exercise. Hopping from platform to platform may not be enough. A wheel is an easiest and most fun way to exercise your pet. So, I’m presenting the Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Wheel.

It’s hard to find a good chinchilla wheel if you are not building it. Chinchillas are big and they get injured on small wheels. That’s why this Quality Cage Crafters product is so impressive. A large chinchilla wheel handmade in the USA.

Durable construction, made to last. The wall is made out of wood. The running surface has a metal construction. Safe for chinchillas, really wide running surface. Also, coated with silver vein powder for better grip while running. Open-wheel design as well, no way for the pet to get trapped.

The wheel is quite large so you will have to make sure that you have enough space in the cage. The sheet metal ring has a diameter of 15 inches. When mounted to the wall, its extension is 8 inches.

Easy to install. It’s mounted with dual ball bearings, strong and stable. You can mount it on any wire cage. There are instructions included in the package.

That was the best overall chinchilla cage accessory, a running wheel. If you have enough space in the cage, this is a must-have, in my opinion.


  • Big running wheel for chinchillas. 
  • Safe for the pet. 
  • Makes less noise while spinning. 


  • Quite expensive for a single-piece accessory.

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Best Budget

STTQYB Small Pet Cage Hammock

Highlighted Features

  • Cozy & Soft
  • Fleece Lining
  • Bite Proof
  • Hammock & Sleeper Bag
  • Metal Hooks

A small pet cage accessory is not necessarily for exercise and playing. Chinchillas and other small animals like to sleep and eat high off the ground. That’s why I’m listing the best hammock for a chinchilla cage, the STTQYB small pet cage hammock.

This is a 2-in-1 model. It can be used as a hammock. But it can also be converted into a sleeper bag. So, if your chinchilla doesn’t like being that high in the cage, you can use it as a sleeper bag. Just place it at the resting place your pet likes.

Featuring an ultra-soft design. Absolutely the coziest hammock you can find. Made of high-quality materials, coral fleece, and arctic fleece. You can be sure that your pet will be comfortable. The materials used are not dangerous for the pet. It’s bite-proof as well, the pet won’t destroy it. It won’t choke from it too.

Easy to use and install. You will have no issues installing this on a wire cage. Attached with 4 strong metal hooks. You just attach the hooks and you are done. If you are going to be using it as a sleeper bag just convert it.

There you go, that was the budget option on this list. Although it’s not expensive, it’s one of the best hammocks out there. Superb quality, it comes highly recommended.


  • Extra cozy, provides comfort. 
  • Can be used as a sleeper bag.
  • High-quality fleece.


  • Not machine washable. 

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Best Runner-Up

YKD Small Animal Wooden Platform

Highlighted Features

  • Chinchilla Wooden Platform
  • In Three Styles
  • Easy Installation
  • Natural Apple Wood
  • Environment Friendly

Chinchillas are really good jumpers. So, it’s a good idea to provide something your chinchilla can climb on and jump on. That’s why I’m recommending this Small Animal Wooden Platform from YKD.

This is a wooden platform that you can buy in three styles. First, we have a tree-like arrangement with a wood pole and three levels, best for chinchillas. The other two styles are just wooden platforms without the base log. They just differ in size, there are smaller ones and bigger ones for chinchillas.

Environment-friendly and safe for your pets. Made out of 100% natural applewood. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that may hurt the pet. In fact, the wood is chewable and can be used as a chew toy.

Suitable for chinchillas, the platforms are large enough. The chinchilla can jump and climb without getting hurt, there’s plenty of space. The diameter of the platforms is 3.5 inches. The wood pole length is 14.6 inches.

The shape of the wooden platform is designed specifically to provide entertainment and exercise for the pets. They can train balancing jumps, climbing, etc… A good way to keep boredom away.

Besides the cage wheel, the wooden platform is another must-have accessory for a chinchilla cage. Chinchillas being natural jumpers like to climb onto platforms. An accessory for a reasonable price, it comes recommended.


  • 100% natural, non-toxic wooden platform. 
  • Applewood can be used as a chewing toy.
  • Large enough for a chinchilla.


  • Cage space is needed. 

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Best Hideout Hut For Chinchilla Cage

Megawa Pet Chinchilla Hut Hideout

Highlighted Features

  • Natural Wood
  • Nesting Place
  • 2 Windows
  • In Three Styles
  • Smooth Surface

Now, a nesting box is another fun accessory that chinchillas really like. Most small animals have a nesting instinct, so they need a good hideout to feel comfortable. Here is the Megawa Pet Chinchilla Hideout Hut.

All wooden construction. Made out of 100% natural wood that doesn’t contain any toxics. If your pet tries chewing the wood, it will cause it no harm. Polished with a smooth surface to prevent any splinters, prevents scratching as well.

You can find this exact model in three styles. The one listed here is a hut with a door and two window holes, looks like a house. The other two styles have one edge open on the top of the hut. You can get that model in a large and small sizes.

Comfortable for the pet. The two windows provide good ventilation. This hideout hut will encourage and satisfy those nesting instincts. Also, the wood is chewable so the chinchilla may enjoy that too.

Easy to install to any large chinchilla cage. Mounted by two bearings, durable and steady. Suitable and large enough for chinchillas.

There you go, now you can get a hideout for your chinchilla. This is an optional accessory if you ask me. That doesn’t mean that it’s not useful, consider getting this to satisfy nesting tendencies.


  • Natural smooth wood. 
  • Well-ventilated, comfortable for the pet.
  • Easy to enter, arch door opening.


  • Best used next to stairs.

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Best Chewing Toy For Chinchilla Cage

Kathson Pet Wood Platform With Chewing Toy

Highlighted Features

  • Teeth Grinding Stones
  • Wooden Platform
  • Natural Lava Rock
  • Natural Wood
  • Resting Place

A good way to satisfy those chewing instincts small pets have is a chewing toy. Here is my last recommendation, the kathson wooden platform with teeth grinding stones. Another excellent chinchilla cage accessory.

This is primarily a wooden platform that your chinchilla can rest and nest at. Safe and non-toxic made out of natural wood. Strong and durable as well, mounted with two bearings.

What’s so special about this product is the teeth grinding stones. The wood is chewable as well but you don’t want the pet chewing it. These grinding stones are made out of 100% natural lava rock. Safe for the pet’s teeth satisfies the chewing instincts and grinds the pet’s teeth.

This is perfect as an add-on to the other platforms you already have in the cage. It can be used as a resting place as well, just add it to stairs or other platforms. Make sure this one is on the top.

That was the last item on this list. Combining most of the items listed will make your chinchilla cage entertaining, safe, and comfortable. The chewing toy may look unnecessary but you would be surprised how much chinchillas like chewing.


  • Satisfies chewing instincts. 
  • 100% natural wood and natural lava rock.
  • Resting place.


  • Requires additional platforms.

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Best Chinchilla Cages Accessories – Buying Guide

Adding accessories to your chinchilla’s cage is mostly a DIY project. You have to figure out what fits your cage. You also need to figure out the setup of the cage. Most importantly, you have to make sure what you are getting is safe for the pet.

That’s why I’m making this buying guide. It should help you with picking the right accessories.

Cage Platforms

Now, the basics of any chinchilla cage are multiple-level platforms. Whatever the pet will be using the platform for, you need to provide multiple platforms the chinchilla can get to. So, the first thing to do is figure out how many platforms you want. Measure how much space you have available.

Make sure the platform is big enough for a chinchilla. Remember, chinchillas are quite big for a small animal, so you would need bigger platforms than the ones for hamsters and guinea pigs. Chinchillas like to climb, jump, and be high off the ground. So, make sure you place these like the platforms are a small challenge.

Resting/Nesting Area

Each accessory for a chinchilla cage has its use. The platforms entertain the chinchillas and satisfy their climbing tendencies. They are there to provide exercise. Besides playing, chinchillas also like to rest.

So, you need to provide a nesting area as well. Something high on the cage, something comfortable as well. Chinchillas like to rest and eat high off the ground. It’s an instinct they have. They feel safer there because they feel like they are safe from predators.

Get a nesting hut or a nice comfortable hammock, we have these on the list.

Chinchilla Cage Wheel

When it comes to exercising, the simplest solution is a cage wheel. These are not that popular among chinchilla owners. They know that a cage wheel is really useful and chinchillas love it but finding a good cage wheel for a chinchilla is hard.

The thing is, most small animal cage wheels are too small for a chinchilla. So, if you are able to find one big enough and suitable for a chinchilla, by all means, get it.

Chewing Toys

Chinchillas also have chewing instincts. I’m sure you’ve seen them trying to chew anything they can find. Although chewing toys are completely optional, you can get something for grinding teeth to satisfy those instincts.

This is optional because you can get wooden platforms that are 100% natural so the pet can chew them.

Pet Safety

Whatever you will be adding to your cage, your first concern should be about safety. Any accessory you buy should be safe for the chinchilla. For instance, pick wooden platforms that are 100% natural. Make sure they don’t contain any toxic chemicals.

The chinchilla will definitely try to chew these and it may get poisoning. More so, some wooden materials can cause respiratory issues in small animals.

The same goes for chewing toys. You need to be sure that they are safe to use with small animals.

Also, any platforms, cage wheels, etc… should be big enough for the chinchilla. Meaning that there should be plenty of space for the chinchilla to turn around, jump and play. If they are too small, the chinchilla may fall and get injured.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Do Chinchillas Need In Their Cages

The essential things a chinchilla needs in its cage are a water supply, wooden ledges, food dish, nesting place, and a dust bathhouse. Chewing toys, running wheel, and other accessories are optional.

What Should You Not Put In A Chinchilla Cage

You should avoid a cage and accessories made out of plastic. The same goes for some types of wood, you should only use natural wood that has no toxic chemicals. The best material for accessories is natural wood, for the cage, it’s metal wire.

Is It Okay To Put A Blanket Over A Chinchilla Cage

No, you shouldn’t cover your chinchilla cage. Covering the cage serves no purpose. Also, a covered cage exposes the pet to potential danger. It may get disturbed, the airflow will be low, etc…

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